The RAPS journal awards are presented annually at SFS Cavalcade North America.

Best Paper Award

2019, $20000
“Beta Bubbles”
Petri Jylhä, Matti Suominen, and Tuomas Tomunen

2018, $20000
“Crowded Positions: An Overlooked Systemic Risk for Central Clearing Parties”
Albert Menkveld

2017, $10000
“Economic Uncertainty and Interest Rates”
Samuel Hartzmark

2016, $10000
“Managerial Activeness and Mutual Fund Performance”
Hitesh Doshi, Redouane Elkamhi, and Mikhail Simutin

2015, $10000
“Rating-Based Investment Practices and Bond Market Segmentation”
Zhihua Chen, Aziz Lookman, Norman Schurhoff, Duane J. Seppi

2014, $10000
“Does Active Management Pay? New International Evidence”
Alexander Dyck, Karl V. Lins, and Lukasz Pomorski

2013, $10000
“The World Price of Credit Risk”
Doron Avramov, Tarun Chordia, Gergana Jostova and Alexander Philipov

2012, $10000
“Does a Central Clearing Counterparty Reduce Counterparty Risk?”
Darrell Duffie and Haoxiang Zhu

Referee of the Year Award

2019, $1000: Brian Weller
2018, $1000: Martijn Cremers and Roger Edelen
2017, $1000: Gergana Jostova
2016, $1000: Sang Byung Seo
2015, $1000: Tobias Adrian
2014, $1000: Ingrid Werner
2013, $1000: Ivan Shaliastovich
2012, $1000: Darrell Duffie

Rising Scholar Award

2018, $5000
“The Cross-Section of Expected Returns in the Secondary Corporate Loan Market”
Mehdi Beyhaghi and Sina Ehsani

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