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Re-introducing RAPS Executive Editor Wayne Ferson

Dear Members and Friends of the Society for Financial Studies,

We are honored Professor Wayne Ferson accepted his second term as the Executive Editor of the Review of Asset Pricing Studies. Below you will find a letter from Professor Ferson, with updates about the progress of RAPS.

Professor Ferson is the first Executive Editor of RAPS, which debuted in December 2011. Since 2007, he has held the title of Ivadelle and Theodore Johnson Chair of Banking and Finance at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He has served as an Editor or Associate Editor for more than 10 journals, including the Review of Financial Studies. From 2005-2008, he served as President of the Society for Financial Studies, after serving as Vice President from 2002-2005. We invite you to read the history of RAPS here, and to read more about Professor Ferson’s accomplished background here.

The Society is grateful to Professor Ferson for his efforts launching our new journal, and we look forward to a successful second term for his editorship!

With regards,
The SFS Team


Editorial Office Change

Ashy Kooliyat recently left her position as Assistant Editor of RAPS, a position she has held since 2011. We thank Ashy for her service and wish her the best of luck with her move to a new city!

We’re pleased to welcome Ardhra Ashokan as the new Assistant Editor. Any communication you would previously have had with Ashy should now be sent to Ardhra at manager@sfsraps.org.


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Keep in Touch with RAPS on Twitter

Our publisher tweets news from RAPS and the Society for Financial Studies. To see more, follow @OxfordJournals and @OUPEconomics on Twitter.


Cavalcade Bid Deadline

The bid deadline for the 2016 Cavalcade is October 1, 2014. For details on how to bid, please visit 2016 Cavalcade.


Citation Impact Factor for RAPS

Our publisher, Oxford University Press, has computed the 2013 Citation Impact Factor for RAPS. Had the new journal been indexed by ISI in 2013, RAPS would have an Impact Factor of 2.417.


Converting the Archive to HTML with MathJax

The SFS Council voted to pay Oxford University Press to convert the entire archive of RFSRAPS, and RCFS articles into state-of-the-art full text HTML files including equations rendered using the Java-based “MathJax” web standard. The new file format will allow equations (and the rest of the article) to scale from 4-inch screens to 30-inch screens, which will facilitate their use on smartphones, tablets, etc.


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Last Days to Book Your Cavalcade Hotel!

There are only a few days left to book your hotel room within the SFS room blocks for the Finance Cavalcade. If you have not booked your room, please make sure you book before the blocks run out. Hotel information is available here.


Final Week for Early Registration!

Register for the Cavalcade by April 1 to pay the early registration fee of $100 for SFS members or $140 for nonmembers. Registration fees increase on April 2! Register here.


Citation Impact Factor for RAPS

Our publisher, Oxford University Press, has computed the 2013 Citation Impact Factor for RAPS. Had the new journal been indexed by ISI in 2013, RAPS would have an Impact Factor of 2.417.


Cavalcade Program Now Available

Have you checked out this year’s Cavalcade program? Visit the 2014 SFS Finance Cavalcade web site to view the papers that will be presented in May! If you haven’t registered for the Cavalcade, you can also register and book your hotel on the Cavalcade site. Register by April 1 to pay the early registration fee.


Register for the 2014 Cavalcade

Registration is now available on the Cavalcade site. Register by April 1 to pay the early registration fee of $100 for SFS members or $140 for nonmembers. Registration fees increase on April 2!


Color Figure Charge

Effective January 1, 2014, the charge per figure for including a color figure in the The Review of Asset Pricing Studies has been dropped in half to $300!


December 2014 Issue of RAPS

The December issue of RAPS has now published online. View the issue here and check out the Editor’s Choice article, “Rating-Based Investment Practices and Bond Market Segmentation,” by Zhihua Chen, Aziz A. Lookman, Norman Schürhoff, and Duane J. Seppi here for free!


Submission Period is Now Open for Cavalcade 2015

The Cavalcade 2015 submission period is now open. To submit, please visit Cavalcade 2015. The deadline for submissions is midnight PST December 8, 2014.

Reminder for doctoral students: For papers in which ALL co-authors are doctoral students, the submission fee is waived.

Cavalcade 2015 features dual submission with RAPS! To be considered for dual submission, be sure to select the dual submission with RAPS option while submitting in the online system.


Upcoming Keynote Speeches


Associate Editor Allan Timmermann will be the keynote speaker at the Ninth Imperial Conference on Advances in the Analysis of Hedge Fund Strategies in London, December 2014. He will also be the keynote speaker at the Finance Down Under Conference in Melbourne, March 5-7 2015. For more, click here.

He is also to give the lecture at the  EC^2 meetings in Barcelona, December 2014. For more, click here.


Associate Editor Keynote Speaker at International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation


Associate Editor Thierry Foucault was recently a keynote speaker at the 13th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation held in Venice, Italy on the 25th and 26th of September 2014. For more, click here



A Message from Wayne Ferson, Executive Editor, RAPS


I am honored to have been appointed to a second three-year term as the Executive Editor of theReview of Asset Pricing Studies (RAPS).  The past three years have been rewarding and exciting, and your new journal is doing well. The Society of Financial Studies (SFS) has been very supportive.  You, our authors and referees, are submitting high-quality papers and writing high-quality reviews.  Some of the world’s leading scholars serve on our editorial board.  Oxford University Press, our publisher, is producing great-looking volumes and managing various web-based forums for our journal’s dissemination.

We are still seeing a tiny fraction of the paper flow that the Big Three journals manage, and the fraction of submissions from established scholars with excellent reputations continues to be high.  Our biggest challenge remains the “chicken and the egg” problem.  Younger and untenured scholars are the chickens, holding back their submissions for fear that they might not get full credit for publishing outside of the Big Three when tenure decisions are made.  Our journal’s reputation is the egg, and it is trying to hatch.

While we are not part of the ISI citations club yet, recently Oxford University Press calculated the index for us as if we were. The calculation was based on what the impact factor would have been if the journal had been indexed by ISI in 2013. This index is the number of citations from published papers per paper that we publish.  It came in at 2.417, above the JFQA but below the Big Three.  In our December 2013 issue I reported on a similar calculation using Google Scholar, which showed us above even the Big Three.  As you know, Google Scholar catches citations from unpublished papers. As these get published, it suggests that our ISI citation index will rise.  Stay tuned.  And think of us as the outlet that can give you the visibility that your best paper in asset pricing deserves.

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