2010 News Archive

December 18, 2010:

RAPS is accepting papers now. Fastrack submissions are not accepted at the moment.

September 14, 2010:

The SFS is pleased to announce the hosts for the 2011 and 2012 Finance Cavalcade! The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has kindly agreed to host the 2011 conference and the University of Virginia the 2012 conference. Everyone associated with the SFS has been heartened by the number of bids that we received and the enthusiasm the profession has shown for this endeavor. We are sure this will translate in a very successful meeting next year and the years to come. For those interested in hosting future Finance Cavalcades next summer we hope to solicit bids for the 2013 conference.

August 8, 2010:

Next year the SFS will launch its first ever week long Finance Cavalcade. Our goal is to provide a setting that produces the kind of participation you see at smaller conferences but yet accommodates the variety of papers you find at the larger ones. As currently envisioned the conference will run from Monday May 23 to Friday May 27. The early days will be devoted to corporate finance papers and the latter ones to those in asset pricing. This conference is a joint project of the Review of Financial Studies, the Review of Corporate Finance Studies, and the Review of Asset Pricing Studies. We are now soliciting bids from schools that are interested in acting as hosts. At a minimum, bids must include classroom commitments for the entire week as well as projectors and other equipment necessary to facilitate presentations. If you are interested in either submitting a proposal or obtaining additional information contact either Matthew Spiegel, Paolo Fulghieri, or Wayne Ferson.

June 9, 2010:

For more information about The Review of Asset Pricing, please check the links from “SUBMISSION” and “ABOUT THE RAPS” from the left menu bar.

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