New Paper Examines Speeds for Top Finance Journals

A new working paper titled “Do Acceptance and Publication Times Differ Across Finance Journals?” by Craig Holden examines the time that eventually-published articles take from first-round submission to final-round acceptance for the top-20 finance journals and top-tier business journals. He finds that the two fastest finance journals are the Review of Corporate Finance Studies and the Review of Asset Pricing Studies, with median acceptance times of 7.3 months and 7.8 months, respectively. For the top-three finance journals, he finds that the median acceptance time at the Journal of Financial Economics is 9.9 months, at the Review of Financial Studies is 15.3 months, and at the Journal of Finance is 19.8 months. See his paper on SSRN.

Editor’s Choice: December

The Editor’s Choice article for December 2015 (issue 5/2) is “Managerial Activeness and Mutual Fund Performance” by Hitesh Doshi, Redouane Elkamhi, and Mikhail Simutin. You can read the article free online here.

Winners of the RAPS Awards

Best Paper 

“Rating-Based Investment Practices and Bond Market Segmentation”

Zhihua Chen, Aziz A. Lookman, Norman Schürhoff, Duane J. Seppi


Referee of the Year 

Tobias Adrian


Editor’s Choice: June

The Editor’s Choice article for June 2015 (issue 5/1) is “Price-Dividend Ratio Factor Proxies for Long-Run Risks” by Ravi Jagannathan and Srikant Marakani. You can read the article free online here.

Change to Submission Fees and Referee Payments

The fee for submitting to an SFS journal (RAPS, RCFS, or RFS) will be increasing on July 1, 2015. The new submission fee will be $240 for members and $300 for nonmembers.

Accordingly, we’ll also be increasing our referee payments. The new referee payment for an on-time report will be $200, beginning July 1.

LaTeX Style Files Now Available

We are happy to announce that our publisher has made LaTeX style files available to help authors format their papers according to RAPS style. You can reach the files on our publisher’s web site or on our web site under Accepted Papers. Please note: these files are for formatting your accepted paper. When submitting a paper, you will still need to follow the guidelines for submissions.

Please contact Jaclyn with any feedback regarding the new files.